Carin Chase has lived near Puget Sound all her life. She graduated from Roosevelt High School, from the UW with a BS in Zoology, and is a graduate student at the Evans School for Public Affairs. 

Carin’s son is a STEM student at Terrace High and is the 7th generation of their family in Washington.  Carin volunteers in school activities, is a member of parent/student organizations, and is a substitute para-educator.

Carin is an advocate for strong public policy and is deeply committed to public education. She recognizes public education as our State’s paramount duty and the critical need to allocate our resources wisely and equitably.

Carin is committed to fostering a public education system that rewards excellent teachers who understand and work with the individual needs of each child to  help  them all reach their full potential.   Carin is opposed to high stakes testing and believes in academic rigor recognizing the interests and abilities of each student.

Carin supports fiscally and academically responsible decisions that prioritize directing resources to the classroom and will take great care to provide intelligent, informed oversight while serving on the board.